Waterproof Carpet beauty

The carpets Waterproof Carpet– have always been a perfect place to incorporate the design of decoration that we have chosen for our interiors element, but some time ago in the market for outdoor carpets presented in different designs that go far beyond are also available known artificial turf carpets, but carpet is different colors and […]

The Best Carpet Edge Trim best

If the wear on the edges of the carpet is the result of damage caused by pets or problem children, or frayed edges are an eyesore. Even a new, clean carpet will look old and worn if the edges are not well served. When the carpet begins to show deterioration at the edges, follow these […]

Best Plaid Carpet

Vinyl graphics or inspired beige plaid carpet patterns of cement tiles embellish any interior. Washable and waterproof, existing in many sizes, they easily find their place in the majority of your living rooms (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, hall …). Beige plaid carpet lightweight and easy to install, they require no glue or double-sided tape. Indeed, the […]

Example of low pile carpet

Choosing the right carpet for your purposes is more than just choosing a color or pattern you like. You need to choose whether to go for a natural or man-made fiber or a mixture of the two, and you need to decide what kind of carpet weaving to install. Low pile carpet have different properties […]

Best White Shag Carpet

Wash a white shag carpet special care, because the fibers are long and woolly. You cannot use strong cleaners in the fluff blankets or too much water or otherwise the material is achieved in ruins. White shag wool carpets are a common type of carpet material and holding against stains and wear over time. Shag […]

Amazing Green Shag Carpet

Green and pink is a color combination that works in bedroom of a girl. The coarse texture of the carpet will improve a garden theme or provide the basis for pastel layers in the walls and in the bed. Although a difficult start, a carpet of green stuffed can lead to a bright and cheerful […]

Antique Turquoise Carpet

Turquoise Carpet – In some homes the rooms with the most basic of the color gamut colors decorate. The black and white predominate especially in environments with a minimalist style, and, sometimes, also accept the inclusion of gray in various shades, some more clear, approaching the target, and other darker, and closer to black. To […]

Best Cut and Loop Carpet

If you accidentally leave the base rotary cutter in the car on a hot day or absently running a hot iron over it, you will be left with a useless, deformed cutting mat. But before disposing of their deformed considered fix mat. In many cases, you can save all the carpet, and you can always […]

Amazing Artificial Grass Carpet

Today the international trend of synthetic turf is becoming more obvious and almost all major fields of sport, such as tennis, soccer, etc., are equipped with this type of grass. Not only does this place outdoors, but also a variety of indoor areas where there are this type of grass. From the viewpoint of the […]

About broadloom carpet

Broadloom carpet is the go to choice of homes and offices. It is easy to install, has few seams developers and acts as a sound and heat insulation. Carpet tiles are modular, meaning it can be pieced together into a mix and match style to fit the size and decor of a room. When choosing […]