Awasome Jute Carpet

Jute Carpet – You can find juteĀ fabric in various fabrics. But it is more likely to find this versatile vegetable fiber or perhaps even have it in your house like a ball of string. Start a loose tissue, using a knitting needle that is one or two times bigger than the needles you would use […]

Black carpet texture

Before deciding on a carpet, you should take into account five basic points to make: carpet texture, material, durability, color and style. Types of carpet texture. The right texture of the carpet depends on the activities you do in the room that put, it is not the same transit in the bedroom in the living […]

Awasome Fluffy Carpet

Fluffy Carpet – Burns iron in the carpet may occur occasionally. Maybe you’re in hurry ironing and the iron will escape the hand or perhaps leave the iron on the donkey and accidentally falling on the carpet. No matter what happens, it is likely to leave a very visible black mark. You do not have […]

Amazing Stair Treads Carpet

One of the most overlooked design elements in a home is the stair treads carpet. Decoration with steps or painting is an easy way to create a wow factor, Whether your home is old or new, you can create a great first impression of your interior design style with a bit of material and time. […]

Bathroom carpet design

In this work we will see how to craft a carpet of personal and original bathroom. Since Deco garden we are going to show you a simple way to make a bathroom carpet to decorate this room with colors that blend best. Tools: scissors. Materials: strips of cotton shirt and grid-slip rubber. Step by step […]

Best Artificial Carpet Grass

The carpet grass is an alternative very low maintenance compared with more delicate lawns and demanding. If you find it difficult to maintain your full and lush lawn, you might want to try this cover resistant plant. Let’s look at how to achieve completion for your garden by covering it with a carpet of grass. […]

Amazing Carpet Runners for Stairs

Carpet runners for stairs in a house or office wear over time and inevitably compact and ugly traffic. Worn carpet can be covered – and prevented – by installing carpets stair runner on top of the carpet. A carpet runner is an additional piece album carpets placed along both the rise and the tread of […]

Beautiful Staircase With Luxury Rug

Covering stair carpet can be a difficult task. Slip carpet hidden or packages may lead to accidents on the stairs. If you put unduly, the rug can loosen and come off over time. This does not mean you need to hire an expensive installer to do the job for you carpets, however. With attention to […]

colonial persian carpet

The room that we showed today combines very light elements like white sofa or curtains billowing dress windows with heavier as the person carpet pads or ethnic print. The living room floor is dressed in a classic Persian carpet, which is dominated by reds and oranges, and that conexiona with the rest of the living […]

Amazing Carpeted Stairs

Installing a carpeted stairs on your own can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in labor costs and installation. Whether simply to improve the aesthetics of your home or to replace old carpet, carpet installation on your staircase with staples can be a rewarding experience. Calculate the amount of carpeted stairs you need to […]